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Firmware update method

How to update the firmware for Delta mini V2 3D Printer?

1.Download the LCD module firmare and rename the filename to lcd.efm. Download the motor module firmware and rename the filename to motor.wfm.

2.Copy the lcd.efm and flash.wfm to the root directory of the MicroSD card, insert the MicroSD card to the slot at the left side of the touch screen.

3.On the touch screen, please select “Setting”-“Next”-“Next” -“Update”. Click “Motor FW” - “Begin” to start the motor firmware update.

4.After updating finish, the screen will back to the main menu. Please select “Setting”-“Next”-“Next” -“Update” to click the “LCD FW” icon, the LCD firmware update will begin.

5.On the touch Screen,select “Prepare” -“Next”-“Delta Cal” to calibrate the Delta data. Waiting a few minutes until the calibration process is done

Remark :

It is also available to save the current parameters and upload it to the new firmware. Steps as below:

1.Select “Setting”- “Next”-“Next”-“Param” -“Save& Load”-“Save to TF”.

2.Operate above 2nd and 3rd steps to update the firmware, then select “Setting”- “Next”-“Next”-“Param” -“Load default” -“Yes” to restore factory first.

3.Choose the language you need, select “Setting”- “Next”-“Next”-“Param” - “Save&Load”- “Load from TF” to upload the saved parameters to the printer.In this way, there’s no need to do the Delta Calibration after firmware update.

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