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OctoPrint connection MinideltaV2 settings

Update USB device driver

If your Raspberry Pi has not updated the CH340G driver, the printer will crash when OctoPrint connected to MinideltaV2. Please refer to the following tutorial to update the driver.
Update CH340 driver on Raspberry Pi

Add MinideltaV2 model configuration

Add the model configuration, named MinideltaV2, and configure the parameters as follows.

Set up GCODE script

Goto the GCODE Scripts menu and make the following settings:
Enter W1 in the Before print job starts field
Enter W2 in the After print job completes field
Enter W3 in the After print job is cancelled field
Enter W4 in the After print job is paused field
Enter W5 in the Before print job is resumed field

When finished, click Save to save and exit.

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