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Introduction to Cura

Cura is another good slicing software program for use with the MP Mini Delta V2 3D Printer. Unlike models sliced with Wiibuilder, models sliced with Cura cannot be previewed on the File Information screen.If you have any problem with your order, please give us an opportunity to make it right. You can contact a Monoprice Customer Service representative through the Live Chat link on our website or via email at

How to install Cura

For your convenience, a customized version of the Cura installer is included on the microSD™ card for both the Windows® and Mac® OS X® operating systems.
To install Cura, double click the Cura-4.3.0-win64-Monoprice-20210115.exe file for Windows or the Cura-4.3.0-Monoprice-MacOS-20210115.dmg file for Mac OS X on the microSD card, then perform the following steps:
1.The first screen is a Welcome dialog. Click the Next > button to display the License Agreement dialog. Click the I Agree button to continue

2.The installer will prompt you to select the directory to which Cura will be installed. If you don't want to use the default directory, click the Browse… button, then select your preferred directory. Click the Next > button to continue

3.You will now see the Choose Start Menu Folder dialog. Select an existing folder, type in a new folder name, or leave the default folder name. You can also click the Do not create shortcuts check box to skip shortcut creation. Click the Next > button to continue

4.By default, the STL file extension will be associated with Cura. Select the file types you want to associate with Cura, then click the Install button to continue. If you are prompted by Windows Security to approve a driver installation, click the Install button to continue

5.Ensure that the check box to the left of Run Ultimaker Cura is checked, then click the Finish button to continue

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