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MP MiniDelta V2 Daily Maintenance

All 3D printers require periodic maintenance, including several maintenance tasks that should be performed on a daily basis.

1.Cleaning the Nozzle

Extruded filament and filament particles can build up around the nozzle. Use tweezers and a cleaning cloth to remove any extraneous material.

2.Clearing a Blocked Nozzle

Unplug the filament tube from the air connector. Insert the 1.5mm hex wrench into the top of the air connector and push the filament out from the nozzle. Remove the hex wrench, insert the filament tube into the air connector, and push it in about 1.5mm

3.Replacing the Nozzle

Improper operation or the use of low quality or old filament can cause blockage in the nozzle, which may require the nozzle to be replaced. Perform the following steps to replace the nozzle.
1.Unload the filament, then turn the printer off.
2.Use scissors or side cutters to remove the ties and the wrapped cloth.
3.Unplug the nozzle connection plug.

4.Loosen the buckles on each side of the nozzle fan, then remove the fan cover. Use the 1.5mm hex wrench to loosen the lower side nozzle fixing set screw, then gently pull out the nozzle from the bottom.

5.Install the new nozzle, then tighten the set screw to secure it in place. Plug in the connection cable and put on the wrapped cloth. Use cable ties to fix the cable in place. Finally, install the fan cover and fix it in place with the buckles. 6.Turn on the printer, then select Prepare > Delta cal to perform the automatic calibration.

4.Cleaning the Feed Gear

As the printer is used, the feed gear will gradually accumulate filament dust and debris, which can affect its operation. Use tweezers to clean the feed gear every 500 hours of operation

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