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How to connect Wifi

The label at the top of the WIFI screen indicates the current connection status.

1.<: Touch the < icon in the upper left corner of the WIFI screen to return to the Setting Menu.
2.Network List: The list displays the SSID names, number of channels available, and the RSSI signal strength for each available Wi-Fi® network. Drag the vertical scroll bar until the SSID name of the desired Wi-Fi network is shown in the list, then touch the SSID name to select and highlight it.
3.Refresh: Touch the Refresh button to initiate a scan for nearby Wi-Fi networks.
4.Connect: Touch the Connect button to connect the printer to the selected/highlighted Wi-Fi network and display the Enter WIFI password screen. If no network is selected/highlighted, touching the button has no effect. If already connected to a Wi-Fi network, the button will change to Disconnect. Touch the Disconnect button to terminate the active Wi-Fi connection.
5.X: Touch the X button in the lower left corner of the Enter WIFI password screen to cancel password input and return to the WIFI screen.

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